Best power inverter I have seen

Best power inverter I have seen. The on off switch is a press and hold just like a cell phone. Once powered on, the bright, easy to read red light emitting diode display shows the car battery voltage going into the inverter (usually around 12 or 13 volts). Push the button again and it displays the output voltage (110 to 120). When pushed again , the display shows how many watts the device plugged into it is using. This is a very useful feature so you can know how much power is really being used and how much may be needed. The case has smooth edges so you can put it in your computer bag and carry it with you without worrying about sharp edges cutting anyone or anything. The fan is quiet when it runs. Most inverters exaggerate their output capacity but this one will absolutely and flawlessly power any notebook or laptop computer without any problems. Many other inverters claim to provide 200 or 400 watts but really don't and they screach and squeak at being overtaxed when you try to run a notebook computer or other devices. The price is very reasonable for the quality and features this inverter has.